Bad grammar stopping you from doing the work you love?

If you can’t spell to save your life, hate proofreading, and wish your audience would savor every word of your blog posts without being distracted by all your misplaced commas, you’ve come to the right place.

Sound like you?

Your head is crowded with ideas for blog posts, landing pages, and e-books, but when you put it together it’s a mess of copy that isn’t convincing.

Your sentences are miles long, and you can’t stop writing in “passive voice.”

People keep pointing out errors in your copy, and they’re not nice about it.

I can help you sound better online.

Here’s the secret to sounding better: me.

I’m an English major with a passion for making sure your copy makes an impact.

What that means is, I care about people sounding good online.

You have amazing products and services that can do a world of good, and I want to be on the front lines making sure those services translate on the page.

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What do you get?

Once we’ve had a call to get the ball rolling, you get:

– Copyediting or proofreading on any digital copy you need published

– Editing to your preferred style (AP, Chicago, or your company stylesheet)

– All copyediting/proofreading completed by your scheduled due dates, in your preferred format

– Unlimited email and Slack/Skype communication while we work together

– Weekly phone calls to discuss any progress updates/changes

A kind word or two…

“My wife and I run a life-coaching and meditation/mindfulness business and have sought assistance over the years with editing, systems, etc., in order to continually grow as a company and service our clientele in the best way possible.  It wasn’t until we found Monique that we found the person for whom we were looking. She is very efficient, meticulous, expedient and knowledgeable and we have always been extremely satisfied with her work for us. We know that we can rely on her and can trust her to understand and properly interpret our vision and goals with each product, email, book chapter, and sentence written. We would absolutely recommend Monique for any copywriting, editing, or writing job that you need done!”

Tell me a bit more about your background…

I was born with a pen in my hand. Writing is the love of my life, but editing is my mistress hobby.

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with an English degree and an emphasis in Creative Writing.

I’ve been writing and editing web copy since 2009 and more recently niched down to offer only copyediting and proofreading services.

I’m familiar with both the Associated Press and Chicago style guides and have completed courses in copyediting and proofreading to keep my skills sharp.

I’m a diehard fan of reading, so much so that my eye has been trained (for better or worse) to immediately stop when I spot an error.

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Ready to sound better online?

When you hire me to do your copyediting, you’ll start to notice a shift in your business.

– Your blog posts will rival the pieces that come out of the New Yorker

– Your deadlines will always be met (my turnaround time is like no other)

– You’ll feel confident putting out copy because you know it has been scrubbed and edited so that nothing but the good stuff remains

– You’ll be seen as someone who can be taken seriously because your  copy will look sharp, pristine, and on-point